Design and User Experience Researcher


I'm a mixed methods researcher. I work in private, academic and social impact settings.

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I'm a qualitative researcher and technologist with experience delivering generative and tactical research projects from inception, to strategy and design recommendations for a wide range of clients. I've conducted research projects for technology companies and non-profits, government entities, and within academic settings. I believe that rigorous research begins with asking the right questions.

I started my career working with civic technology and open data organizations. In this setting, I learned how data can both empower and have power over people. I soon saw cracks in this perceived objectivity. People cannot be reduced to CSV fields alone and the "why" often gets lost when we set out to measure human behavior. Now I work with "thick data," combining exploratory ethnography with a knowledge of the value of big datasets, to capture this fullness of human behavior online and ultimately to design for an inclusive set of needs.

My research interests include mobile/online dating apps, gender, LGBTQ+ communities and sexuality online. I also have extensive experience working in product research and management, as well as facilitating HCD workshops and trainings within the tech for social good and consumer-facing government technology spaces. My primary methods include ethnography, remote and on-site interviews, survey design, usability testing and statistical analysis. I can be found on twitter as @lindsay_joelle.